Shakira’s 10 best songs

31 Dec

In 1990 a 13-year-old girl name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll recorded her first album with Sony Columbia. That first album and her follow-up album didn’t do very well cause her career to remain stagnate. With this kind of a start many people would have given up on their dream but Shakira was not like most people. She took a few years off, went back to Sony’s studio, and took control of her own career. Since then she has gone on to become one of the best selling Latin singers.

With her unique style that mixes Latin & American pop, Disco, and Rhythm & Blues her songs appeal to just about every taste. If you ask any of Shakira’s many fans what they consider to be her 10 best songs you would probably several different answers. The following list combines some of those list into a top 10 of what most fans would consider her must haves for any collection:

  1. Hips don’t lie With almost double the downloads of any of her other songs this is the must have for any serious Shakira fan. Listening to the song and watching the video you can understand its popularity.
  2. She Wolf Get ready to get your groove on as the techno beat of “She Wolf” bring the animal in you. The song tells about a woman stuck in a dull relationship and finally feels the need to break out of her cage.
  3. Waka Wake (This time for Africa) The drumbeat and hand clapping of the song will have you on your feet. This upbeat song that was the anthem of 2010 world cup of soccer should be close to the top of any collection of Shakira songs.
  4. Beautiful liar This powerful songs that deals a bad relationship would be a great song to have on your play-list. The song starts oh with a haunting melody and has a body rocking beat that will have you swaying to the music.
  5. Whatever, Wherever Weather you listen to it is Spanish or English this song about love overcoming time and distance makes for a great addition to your collection. This was one of the first songs Shakira did in English along with her native tongue. Among Shakira collaborators on this song is Gloria Estephan.
  6. Empire A wonderful ballad that speaks about how a strong love can build empires and move the Universe. This is a great song to have on your MP3 players so you listen to it when your on the move.
  7. Underneath your clothes This seductive soft Rock song will be a good addition to anyone’s collection of Shakira songs. When you listen to this song it might be a good idea to wait until your around your significant other.
  8. Gypsy Shakira once said of this song that it talks about the way she lives. This song is not as high energy as many of Shakira’s song and shows more of the take charge side of her that we do not see that often.
  9. Don’t Bother This song shows more of the Rock side of Shakira. In this song that she once referred to as a “feminist anthem” it speaks of a girl that decides to move on with her life after her ex leaves her. An empowering song that is a must have for any Shakira fan.
  10. Illegal In this song we see Shakira as a more vulnerable woman when she catches her boyfriend cheating compared to the move on attitude in both “Gypsy” and “Don’t Bother”.

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