Gregory Porter’s 10 best songs

20 Feb

For almost 2 decades Gregory Porter has been a singer, songwriter, and actor. His career started in 1998 when flutist Hurbert Laws as Mr. Porter to be a guest vocalist on his tribue album “Remembering the unforgetable Nat King Cole”. His work on the album caught the attention of Mr. Laws’ sisterEloise. At the time she was casting a new play and thought that Mr. Porter would be a good fit So, in 1999 he became an origal cast member for the play “Ain’t nothin’ but the Blues”. After the play ended Mr. Porter’s career stalled for a few years. It took back off in 2010 when he recorded his first album “Water”. Since that time he has recorded a couple more albums and won a Grammy Award.

His velvet voice along with his unique mixture of Blues, Jazz, and Gospel make his music a fan favorite over several genres. The following list has 10 of his best songs:

  • Liquid Spirit: Get ready to clap your hands and dance to the pulse of the energy as it flows through your body. The upbeat of the music, Mr. Porter’s strong vocals, and message of letting the spirit flow make this a must have for any Jazz or Gospel collection.
  • Be Good: In an interveiw Mr. Porter once called this his personel lullabye. It has a mellon-collie melody and tells the story of a man that breaks-up with a woman that keeps won’t allow him out of what he refers to as the “friendship cage”.
  • Water under Bridges: Mr. Porter sends a good message that most of us could benefit from when we tend to dwell on our past. It is one of those songs you want to have around for those times you need that little push when you feel down.
  • Lonesome Lover: Too many of us can relate to this song about being unfaithful only to realize that you have given away the one that truly makes you happy. The style of this song conjure up images of a 1960’s smoke filled Jazz hall with the likes of Scatman Crothers or Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Wolfcry: The influence of Nat King Cole are evident in this song as Mr. Porter croons in the xtyle of his childhood idol. A good song that delivers the message of how having faith can heal your broken heart.
  • Brown Grass: Mr. Porter reminds us that the grass is not always greener on the other side. This sons fits well into any Jazz or Blues collection.
  • The “In” crowd: Mr. Porter does a wonderful job at making this Jazz standard his own. This is probably one of the most defining songs of the 1960s Jazz scene when it was first recorded.
  • When love was King: A great song of faith that mixes Mr. Porter’s gospel up-bring with his love for Jazz. In this song he reminds us that even though we may not feel there is a love that is always there for us.
  • Real good hands: A song about something most men want to say when he first meets the parents of the woman he wants to marry. This song mixes Jazz and Soul music together and would a great addition to any collection.
  • Feeling good: Written by Anthony Newley in the 1960’s it has been record by several artist. This song should be in every collection of Gregory Porter fan.

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