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Top 10 Dottie West songs

28 Mar

Dottie West had a rough life growing up during the great depression in Tennessee. Her father was an out of work alcoholic that abused and sexually assaulted her, she helped out at her mom’s restaurant, and work the family farm. As she entered her teen years her life did start to look brighter. She started performing on local radio show and joined a band at highschool where she sang and played guitar. By the time she was 17 her self-esteem had risen enough that she turned her father in to the local authorities and testified against him in court. She would go on to attend Tennessee Technical Universe on a music scholarship where she meet fellow student Bill West. As the saying goes the best was still to come.

In 1959 Dottie West, along with her husband, signed her first professional recording contract but didn’t have much success. The couple then moved to Nashville, where after meeting up with a group of up and comers, her career took off. For the next 30+ years Dottie West was one of the most successful and influence country artist of the time. She opened doors for other female country artist, sand duet with some of the biggest names in country, and acted on both television and Broadway.

  1. A lesson in leavin’: Over 2 decades into a spectacular career Ms. West finally scored a number 1 on the country charts. The song talks about a woman that finally realize the man she has been seeing is not going to change his cheating ways and she is better off without him.
  1. Here comes my baby: This song written by Dottie and Bill West, here husband at the time, won her a Grammy award and a place in the Grand Ole Opry..The song speaks of something many of are guilty of and that is letting someone who hurt us back into our lives.
  1. Careless hands”: A beautiful but somewhat melancholic song about loving someone that has brought you some joy but mostly heartache. A song deserving of being in Dottie West collection.
  1. Rings of gold: A duet with Don Gibson that reached number 10 on the country charts. A song about marriage that come to its sad end after over a betrayal of their vows.
  1. Last time I saw him: A song recalling a sad departure and a promise of a better life to come that never comes to fruition. This song peaked at number 8 on the country charts.
  1. Look who’s talking: This duet with Jim Reeves was one of Dottie West early hits that showed the star that she about to become. As the song says sometimes closes friends an be our worst enemies.
  1. It’s high time”: Get out on the dance floor and let your body move to the beat of this powerful song about picking yourself up and getting on with your life. This was the last time Ms. West was in the top 20 on the country chart but she still had plenty more hits.
  1. Every time two fools collide: Ms. West’s solo career was experience a downturn when she teamed up with Kenny Rogers. This song would be near the top of your collection.
  1. Delta Dawn: Not the best known version of the song but possibly one of the best versions. A very emotional song about woman who is ridiculed for her faith in a promise.
  1. Country Sunshine: Written by Ms. West this song was both a commercial for Coca-cola and one of Ms. West biggest hits. Soon after release the upbeat song it became a fan favorite and one of the signature songs of her career.

Resupply mission blasts off to the international space station

24 Mar

Yesterday, March 23, a United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V rocket blasted off from launch center 41 at Cape Canaveral, Florida. At 11:05 pm EST (7:05 pm PST) the Altas V carrying an unmanned Cygnus supply vehicle lifted of on its way to the ISS (international space station). The unmanned craft will be taking almost 4 tons (7,750 pounds) of supplies that include food, water, science experiments, and equipment.

“ULA is honored to be a part of the team that delivered more than 7,700 pounds of cargo to the astronauts aboard the ISS and CubeSats to be deployed after Cygnus separates from the ISS,” said Gary Wentz, ULA vice president, Human Launch Services. “Congratulations to our mission partners at Orbital ATK and NASA on another successful launch that will help advance our scientific knowledge on Earth and in space, and inspire the next generation of space explorers.”

United Launch Alliance is taking the place of Orbital ATK that is under contract for the mission but has been grounded since their October 2014 explosion. That explosion destroyed part of the launchpad and an Antares supply vehicle that was carrying 5,500 pounds of supplies to ISS. After an investigation into that explosion it was found that there was a flaw in the engine Orbital used on their rocket. They vowed that they would not fly again until the problem was corrected. The company is in hopes that the problem will be taken care of and they will have the Antares rocket ready by early Summer.

“While still preliminary and subject to change, the current evidence strongly suggests that one of the two AJ26 main engines that powered Antares’ first stage failed about 15 seconds after ignition,” Orbital president and CEODavid Thompson said during a conference call last year. “At this time, we believe the failure likely originated in, or directly affected, the turbopump machinery of this engine, but I want to stress that more analysis will be required to confirm that this finding is correct.” He later added, “We will likely discontinue the use of the AJ26 rocket engines that had been used on the first five Antares launch vehicles unless and until those engines can be conclusively shown to be flightworthy,”

United Launch Alliance was formed in December of 2006 as a joint venture between Lockheed Space System and Boeing Defense. The ULA uses Delta II, Delta IV, and Atlas V rocket to carry out a variety of missions from supply runs to National Security satellites. Their next scheduled mission is a launch of the United States Navy’s MUOS-5 satellite fro Cape Canaveral, Florida. If all goes as scheduled the launch will take place on May 5, 2016.

Review-Magic Shifts

15 Mar

Magic Shifts once again shows that the husband and wife writing team known as Ilona Andrews are tops in the urban fantasy genre. In this eighth book in their magic series we are once again taken to the post-shift city of Atlanta. Once there we enter the world of Kate Daniels where shapeshifters, necromancers, mythical beings and magic users of all kinds are real. Not long after we first enter the city to join Kate and fiancee Curran as fight new foes while trying locate a missing shapeshifter.

In this book we are re-acquainted some of our favorite characters in Curran Lennart, the former leader of the shapeshifters; former mercenary, liaison for the order and now Curran’s mate; Andrea Nash, Kate’s best friend, former knight of the order and now Alpha of the Bouda clan at the keep: and Roland, Kate’s father.

Gordon and Ilona Andrews do an excellent job of keeping us on the edge of our seats with plot twist and added complication. Just when we think we know how one situation will end and we can let out our breath something else into the mix to once again cause us to take a deep breath and hold it again. One good example is when Curran, the beast lord, arrives to rescue Kate from the prison where she has been transported. Just when we think they are safe an will make it out new challenge arrive to hinder their escape.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has read the previous books in the series, likes adventure, the supernatural, mythology or just a good read that will whisk you away in hours of enjoyment.