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Hank Snow’s 10 best songs

19 Apr

Long before Hank Snow became a country music legend he was born Clarence Eugene Snow on May 9, 1914 in the little town of Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Canada. His parents were poor and life was not always easy but fairly uneventful for the first 8 years of his life. It was then in 1922 that his parents separated and for the next 4 years Clarence lived a life of both physical and mental abuse. By the age of 12 he escaped the abuse by running off to sign on to a fishing schooner. After 4 years and a near-death experience he vowed not to every return to the sea and reluctantly returned home where once again he would endure abuse.

In 1936 Clarence Snow signed with the Canadian Farm Hour where he was billed as “Hank, the Yodeling Ranger”. That sign started a highly successful career as a singer/songwriter that lasted for the next 5 decades. For the first decade of his career he was not known outside of Canada. It was not until he started signing in “The Big D Jamboree” in Dallas and meet Ernest Tubb that his career began to take off in the United States. In 1979 Hank Snow was inducted into the United States’ Country Music Hall of Fame, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and the Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame. Then, 6 years later he was also inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

  1. Hilo March”: Hank Snow does a wonderful version of this popular Hawaiian piece of music. Listening to the song sure does giving one the feeling of being on one of the islands and watching the hula dancers.
  1. Let Me go Lover”: This was a number 1 song for Mr. Snow in 1955. This song would be a good addition to the collection of any Hank Snow fan.
  1. The Golden Rocket”: One of three number 1 hits for Mr. Snow in 1950. A traveling song about taking the train and leaving a relationship gone bad.
  1. A Pair of Broken Hearts”: One of many duets with Anita Carter. There two voice contrast beautifully in this song dealing with a broken relationship.
  1. Down the Trail of Achin’ Hearts”: A song dealing with something that many of us are familiar with when we find that the person we love is in love with another. It was a number 2 for Mr. Snow in 1951.
  1. I Stepped over the Line”: Not one of Mr. Snow’s most successful songs only reach number 21 on the country charts in 1964. It is still a fine addition to your collection of country music.
  1. Music Making Momma from Memphis”: You will feel the urge to get out on dance as you listen to this fast-paced song. It was a number 4 hit on the country charts in 1952.
  1. The Rhumba Boogie”: Jump up and move to the beat of this finger-snapping song. It was another of Mr. Snow’s string of number 1 hits from 1950.
  1. Wabash Cannonball”: A song dealing with a bygone era when Hobos would ride the rails of locomotives across the country. Their have been several different versions of the song but Hank Snow did possibly one of the best
  1. I’m Moving On”: A great travel song written by Hank Snow. It went to number 1 in 1950 where it stayed for 21 weeks.

SpaceX resumes service to ISS after 10 months

8 Apr

In the five years that SpaceX has been flying re-supply missions to the ISS (international space station) their cargo has included food, water, experiments, and items to make repairs. On Friday’s scheduled mission will be the one item that the Dragon has never carried and that is an entire module. This will be the first expansion module mission to the Space Station since the shuttle program end in 2011.

As long as every checks out the mission is schedule to launch from launch center 40 at Cape Canaveral Airforce Base in Florida at 4:43 pm EDT (1:43 pm PDT). According to United States Airforce weather forecaster Kathy Winters weather conditions should not be a problem for either he launch or the attempted landing of the Falcon rocket. It’ll be a great day to launch a rocket,” she told reporters at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

There will be other supplies including crew supplies and science experiments but the big ticket item on the mission is the 3,000 pound (1.400 KG) Bigelow Expansion Activity Module (BEAM). During transport the BEAM will be compressed to 5.7 ft. (1.7m) long and 7.75 ft. (2.36m) in diameter. When it is attached to the ISS it will be inflated over the next 4 months to expand to its full dimensions of 13 ft. (4m) long and 10.5 ft. (3.2m) in diameter.

This type of architecture has never been flown before. … We’re not 100 percent sure of its behavior,” Robert Bigelow said today about his company’s collapsible module. “It is a testing station. That is the whole point here.”

Once again SpaceX will attempt to land the booster stage of the Falcon rocket on a drone ship. On past missions when they have attempted this feat the California-based SpaceX faced setback after setback. This time with calm weather and several improvements to the rocket should give them a better chance for success.

For those wishing to view the event there will be a live feed beginning at 3:30 pm EDT. As usual on these live NASA feeds they will not only show the launch but go through details about the craft, mission, and other pertinent information.

The best places to get brunch in Seattle for opening day

3 Apr

On Tuesday, April 4, is the day that Seattle Mariner fans have been looking forward to since the season ended. Of course I am talking about opening day. For the 8th year in a row we will be watching “King” Felix take the mound. This year he will once again have a new person behind home-plate, Chris Iannetta, to catch all the strikes he will be blazing past the batters.

This year the Mariners will be opening in Texas to play a three-game series against the Rangers. Since they are starting on the road that means no going to stadium to be around other fans, hearing the roar of the crowd, picking the winner of the virtual hydro race, or enjoying the stadium food. So, if you want that stadium fill you need to go to one of the find sports bar & grilles around Seattle. Luckily for us there are plenty of places around the greater Seattle area where we can join others to cheer on our team and get great food.

  • Spitfire: Located at 2219 4th ave. in downtown Seattle is the Spitfire where you will be to join other fans as you watch the game on the 25 big-screen TVs. There you are cheering on Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano, and the rest of the team while enjoy great food. Some of the yummy items you might choose include sriracha pork belly bites, nachos, smoked salmon club, or the Spitfire burger.
  • Rookie sports bar & grill: If you live in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle then you should try the Rookie sports bar at 3820 Ferdinand St. There you can enjoy fried mac & cheese, triple play pita, the rookie burger; a bacon , egg, lettuce, and tomato on sourdough; or many more yummy items. As you dine you can watch the Mariner game on the 12 big screen TVs.
  • Sluggers: When you are going out to watch the opening day game where better than a place called Sluggers. Not only does it have a great name for watching the ball game it is also located near both of Seattle’s stadiums. While you are watching the game along with other fans you can enjoy one of their base hit burgers, Chicken cordon bleu bites, drink a top deck margarita, or much more. Location of the Slugger is 538 1st avenue.
  • Jimmy’s on first: Located inside the Silver Cloud hotel, across the street from Seattle’s two stadiums, is Jimmy’s on first. Since the mid 1980’s it has been a fan favorite to go watch the games. As your cheering on Felix and the rest of the Mariners you can dine on their fine menu items that include: ham & cheese omelets, mini cheese burger sliders, a stacked blt, and much more
  • NYP bar & grill: If you are looking for a place with a gluten-free menu then NYP is the place for you. They have five locations including one in the city of Seattle at 500 Mercer St. There you can cheer on the Mariners while chowing down on pizza, sliders, pulled pork nachos, sweet potato fries, and much more.