The 10 best Jenni Rivera songs

10 May

Dolores Jenny “Jenni” Rivera was born in Long Beach, California on July 2, 1969. Her parents both being Mexican immigrants wanted to now both the culture of her native land and her adopted land. So, she grew up with the music of Mexico along with a traditional American education where she was a straight A student. She ran into a bump in the road when she turn 15 years of age. That year she became pregnant with hr first child, kicked out of her home, and married her first husband. Despite the situation she found herself in she went on to finish high-school and go on to college where she studied business at California State University. Life wasn’t always easy for her in the later half of the 1980’s and she would often resort to selling CD’s at swap meets. The 1990’s were about to bring some changes that would turn around her life.

In 1992 Ms. Rivera signed with Capitol/EMI’s latin division and that started her on an award winning career that would last for the next 2 decades. During her career she 15 gold, 15 platinum, and 5 double platinum records. In 2009 the acting bug bite Ms. Rivera and she appeared in the television movie “Addicto de Salsa” that deals with a salsa singer addicted to heroin. Over the next couple of years she would produce three reality shows as she continued recording and touring. Tragically, everything literally came to a crashing end when she died in a plane crash on Dec 9, 2012. As with many celebrities there have been several rumors and theories about her death.

  1. Por Que No Le Calas”: Ms. Rivera’s adds also of emotion to the song and she is backed up with a mariachi band gives a romantic melody that makes it a song you will want to listen to over and over again. Many of Ms. Rivera’s songs deal with relationships and in this one she speaks of honesty in your relationship.
  1. Basta Ya”: The emotion that comes through in Ms. Rivera’s voice really makes this song of love and heartache come to life. It hit number 14 on Billboard’s Latin chart in 2011
  1. Paloma Negra (Black Dove)”: It speaks a loving someone that is unfaithful and being torn between still loving that person and not wanting them around anymore. It is a melancholic tune but wonderfully done by Ms. Rivera and well worth having on your music list.
  1. Resulta (So Now)”: It came out over a year after Ms. Rivera’s death and went to number 2 on the hot Latin song chart. In it Ms. Rivera talks about giving all o your love to someone only to have them dump you for another and standing up for yourself.
  1. Ya Lo Se (I already know)”: A somewhat sad song dealing with loving someone that doesn’t return you affection but loves another. The song hit number 7 on the hot Latin song chart in 2009.
  1. Inolvidable (Unforgettable)”: Ms. Rivera speaks about a losing someone you love so much that even after they are gone you can feel them and ache to hold them. A good song to have on your list for those times you are feeling lose in your life. The song went to number 5 in 2008.
  1. Que Ganas De No Verte Nunca Mas”: Ms. Rivera is backed by a violins and brass in this powerful song of a woman moving on with her life. If you are a fan of Ms. Rivera or the Banda genre of Latin music, this is a must have.
  1. La Misma Gran Senora”: Ms. Rivera sings of a strong woman that lets the man leaving her know he needs her more than she needs him. Once again Ms. Rivera brings the song alive with the pwer in her voice
  1. Culpable O Inocente (Guilty or Innocent)”: A great song to have on your list of Ms. Rivera songs. The subject of this song is a little different for Ms. Rivera in which sh takes about standing by your man no matter what.
  1. Lo Siento Mi Amor (Sorry my Love)”: Ms. Rivera gives a superb performance in this song about breaking up but not have the courage to do it in person. If you love Ms. Rivera’s music you should have this song on your play list.

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