Review: Red Hot Steele

24 May

“Red Hot Steele”, the first book in Alex P. Berg’s Daggers & Steele mysteries has plenty of twists and turns will keep the reader engrossed. The book starts us off with a preliminary case where we first meet the wisecracking detective Jake Daggers and his current partner detective Griggs. It is after that first case though that the really fun starts. Detective Griggs retires leaving room for newly minted detective Shay Steele to enter as Jake Daggers new partner. Soon the two are embroiled in a murder that turns out to be so much more than it first appears. From the moment they find the body we are taken on a ride that involves multiple con games, gangs, forgery, and red herrings.

The characters in the book seem genuine that we can relate to people we know in our lives. Their is Jake Daggers with his wisecracking attitude and sometime juvenile humor that makes you think little of his abilities. If you are culprit though be careful because under all those jokes is a great detective. Detective Shay Steele who understates her abilities because she feels that being a woman in a man’s world means she should take a backseat. Do not be fooled because underneath the facade she has observation and cognitive skills that would rival Sherlock.

Overall a great mystery that will keep you turning pages until you reach the end.


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