The 5 best pitchers in Seattle Mariners history

31 May

All baseball franchises want to put out a well rounded team that will take them to the next level. Most of the time to put out that team the first thing they look for is great pitching. Putting together a solid pitching staff can sometimes be a crap shoot. Drafting the best out the high-school and college ranks doesn’t always translate into a good professional players. Even signing a productive free agent doesn’t workout.

Sometimes, though, everything clicks and you wind up with a pitcher that can start, close, or both. In the history of the Seattle Mariners franchise they have had a few times where they picked that right pitcher. The following list has 5 of the best the team ever signed:

  • Randy Johnson: For 10 seasons this hall-of-fame pitcher graced the mound at both the Kingdome and Safeco field. While he was with the Mariners he was developing into one of the most dominate and feared pitchers during his 22 year career. In 1995 he pitched the Mariners into the playoffs and became the first Cy Young award winner in Mariners history.
  • Felix Hernandez: Many people would have him number 1 on the list and maybe he should be since he is still active. In his 12 years and counting with the Mariners, Mr. Hernandez has thrown the only perfect game in Mariners history. Among his accomplishments the one he is the most proud of is being the only pitcher in baseball that has hit a grand-slam.
  • Jamie Moyer: Mr. Moyer was known as a crafty left-hander for his dominance with below average speed. In his 11 years in Seattle he became the teams win leader with a 145-87 record that would stand until Felix Hernandez passed it this year.
  • Freddie Garcia: Mr. Garcia played his first 6 years in Seattle where he put up some impressive numbers. In 2001 Mr. Gracia had his best season winning 18 games an leading the Mariners to a record setting 116 win season. After being traded Mr. Gracia went on to become one of the winningest pitchers to come out of Venezuela.
  • Kazuhiro Sasaki: The Mariners signed Mr. Sasaki before the 2000 season. He only played here for 4 years before going back to his home in Japan. In those 4 years he was one of the most dominating closers in the American league. In 2001 Mr. Sasaki set a team record by racking up 45 saves. That record stood until Fernando Rodney broke it in 2014 when he had 48 saves.

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