Top 10 Christina Milian songs

20 Jun

Christina Milian, born Christine Flores, has spent most of her life in the entertainment business. By the time she was 4-years-old she was showing talent and let her parents now that she wanted to be an actress. By the age of 9 she was auditioning or talent agencies around her Maryland home. Soon. those agencies started to take notice and she was on her way of getting work in commercials and a big part in a stage musical. After 4 years her mother knew that the next step in her daughter’s career would be a move to Los Angeles, California.

Two years after the move to Los Angles her career exploded. Over the next 20 years Ms. Milian has racked up more than 40 television & movie acting credits and a thriving music career. Over the course of her incredible career she has been nominated for more than a dozen awards & won and won 4 of them including an Emmy for her work as the social media coordinator on “The Voice” in 2013.

  1. L.O.V.E”: A joyful little tune from her second album that will have dancing with joy as your with your loved one. The song speaks of something too many of us are guilty of doing when we hurt the one we love and then try to win back their affections.
  1. Like Me”: Christina Milian and Snoop Dogg team up on this song about giving your love to someone that doesn’t return your affections. It has a finger-snapping techno beat that will have you moving and grooving.
  1. Believer”: With a haunting melody and Christina Milian’s beautiful soprano voice this will be close to the top of any playlist. In the words of the song Ms. Milian sings about how following our life dreams are never easy but we need to believe in ourselves.
  1. AM to PM”: A fastpaced song with a techno-pop beat that will have you on your feet as you party until you drop. It was the song that launched Ms. Milian’s inging career in 2001 when it peaked at number 13 on the U.S dance charts and number 3 in England.
  1. Dip it Low”: Off of Ms. Milian’s second album in 2004 it peaked at number 1 on the U.S dance charts and number 2 in England. It is a sweet romantic song that tells women to take your time before jumping into a relation and then if it is right give it all you have.
  1. Say I”: In 2005 this song peak at number 4 on both the U.S dance charts and in England. As Ms. Milian talks about in the song there are times you just have to let the gangssta side out and go after what you want out of life.
  1. We Ain’t Worried”: A powerful rap where Ms. Milian is telling her best friend not to dwell on the drama of her breakup and figure out you will go from here. It came out as a single in 2015 but before that it was just a simple tweet by Ms. Milian after her best friend went through a bad breakup.
  1. When You Look at Me”: Ms. Milian co-wrote this song that speaks of how when people look at you they already have you pigeon-holed into a category. It didn’t get a good reception in the United State but made Christina Milian an international star when it charted in the top 10 in Ireland, Germany, England, and Australia.
  1. Someday One Day”: A mature and sweet song dealing with the heartache of looking for love that always seem to be beyond your grasp. A song that you want on your playlist to listen to either when you are alone or with your loved one to let them know how much they mean to you.
  1. Ain’t No Reason”: It is a powerful song with attitude from the 2005 “Be Cool” sound track. A good song to have on your playlist when you are feelin down and need a little boot to get back up.

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