The top 10 Dianne Reeves songs

29 Jun

Being born; on Oct 23, 1956; into a musical family Dianne Reeves knew that her future would be in the music industry. As she grew up she embraced that future and started singing when she was in junior high where her teacher realized what an incredible talent she was an encouraged her to continue on that path. When she went on to high-school she stuck with her music and joined the choir, a madrigal group, and the jazz band. In her senior year the jazz band won a local competition and they went on to Chicago where the band played at the National Association of Jazz Educators Convention. After graduating she went on to study music at the University of Colorado.

In 1983 Ms. Reeves started a professional career that has lasted for over 30 years and still going strong. That first couple of years she went on tour with the great Harry Belafonte as the lead singer in his band. In 1986 she left his band to focus on a solo career where she has garnered 5 Grammy awards. In the Winter of 2002 Ms. Reeves had the honor of singing at the closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games. A couple of years later she appeared in the movie “Good night, and Good Luck” where she played a jazz singer and also contributed to the soundtrack.

  1. Nine”: This beautiful song about being 9-years-old appeared on Ms. Reeves 1994 album “Quiet After The Storm”. Ms. Reeves crisp vocals make this a magnificent song that should be on the playlist of any Dianne Reeves fan.
  1. Lullaby of Birdland”: Ms. Reeves really shows her ability to sing scat in this sweet tune about being in love. This is one of the track off of her award winning 2001 album “The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan”.

  1. At Last”: Ms. Reeves teams up with the legendary Lou Rawls in this rendition of the jazz classic. The song talks about finding that one person that makes your heart sing. You will want to hold the person of your dreams in your arms as you listen to the song.

  1. Afro Blue”: You will want to grab your loved one, get out on the dance floor, and let loose to this song about lovers. Ms. Reeves shows a wide range of talent and makes the song come to life.

  1. Better Days”: The power and strength of Ms. Reeves voices come through in this deeply emotional song about the wisdom of our elders. A great song to have in your collection that you can pull out and listen.

  1. Speak Low”: Ms. Reeves does a magnificent job in this romantic song about love. Another track from her award winning 2001 album “The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan”. A good song to keep around for slow dancing with your loved one.

  1. I Remember Sky”: As you listen to Ms. Reeves sing you almost picture yourself laying in a field gazing into a blue sky. One of the magnificent tracks of her 1991 album “I Remember”.

  1. Endangered Species”: A powerful song about a strong woman that knows where her strength lies and isn’t going to let anything keep her down. A song that should be at the top of your playlist that you can listen to when you need a boost in your life.

  1. Dreams”: Whether you are a rock or jazz fan you will love of this sensational rendition of the 1977 Fleetwood Mac song. Ms. Reeves sings her heart out this song about giving advise to a young man to change his ways or all he will have are dreams of what could have been.

  1. Tango”: Grab your love one and dance the tango to the lovely sound of Ms. Reeves. There are not many words to this song but Ms. Reeves does great at using her voice as she be-bops her way through the music.


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