What is the future of artificial intelligence?

1 Jul

Recently the debate over the future of A.I. (artificial intelligence) has become forefront in the news. Earlier the week Stephen Hawking gave an interview to Larry King and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wrote an article voicing their opinions on the current state and future of A.I. They both see it development at a crossroads and talk about so of the things we should consider for future development.

Mr. Nadella seemed to have a little bit more of an optimistic view of the current state of A.I as he talks about some of Microsoft’s contributions and I.B.M’s Watson. As optimistic as he is he does write in his article about 6 rules that A.I must have and 4 rules that Humans must have when dealing with these creations. By following these 10 rules Mr. Naydella sees a future where Man and machine can have a symbiotic relationship that can benefit all of us.

I would argue that perhaps the most productive debate we can have isn’t one of good versus evil: The debate should be about the values instilled in the people and institutions creating this technology. In his book Machines of Loving Grace, John Markoff writes, “The best way to answer the hard questions about control in a world full of smart machines is by understanding the values of those who are actually building these systems.” It’s an intriguing question, and one that our industry must discuss and answer together,” Mr. Naydella wrote in his article.

In the past there have been several opinions on what the future of A.I. Some of these have been grim while others have seen a more harmonious future. Some of the more grim futures that have been foreseen are “The Matrix”, where artificial intelligence takes over and turns mankind into the computer to generate a virtual world for us to live-in or “The Terminator”, where the machine we built are set on wiping out humanity. Among the ore harmonious outlooks Data on “Star Trek”, that works along side the crew of the Enterprise and strives to be more human.


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