The Seahawks pull out ugly win at home

12 Sep

Yesterday, Sept 11, was the day that Seattle Seahawks fans have been waiting 9 months to watch. The Seahawks take to the field for their season opener against the Miami Dolphins. At 1:00 pm they all turned on their televisions to see Russell Wilson lead the Seahawks on to victory.

Since the game would be at Centurylink field in Seattle and the recent history of both teams it was suppose to be an easy victory for the Seahawks. The Dolphins though didn’t seem to read the same script and came in ready to make it rough on the boys in blue and green.

The Miami kicked the ball off to the Seattle Seahawks and they started at their own 25 yard line. The first drive started well for the Seahawks with Russell Wilson completing a 7 yard pass to Doug Baldwin and two 6 yard passes to Tyler Lockett. After those three completions he ha two incompletions to Lockett that brought up a 4th & 4. Jon Ryan then came on field and made a 37 yard punt to pin the Dolphins on their own 19 yard line.

Ryan Tanneball and the rest of the Dolphin offense came out on the field for their first drive. That drive would be short though as the Seahawks defense limited them to a 3 & out gaining only 5 yards. That would bring out Matt Darr who kicked a 43 yard punt down to the Seahawks 32 yard line.

The Seahawks took the field for their second drive. Despite a penalty and sack the Seahawks were able to march down the field. The drive stopped at 21 yard like where Steven Hauscha kicked a field goal to give the Seahawks a 3-0 lead.

The Dolphins started their second drive at their own 20 yard line. They were able to march down the field. It look as though they would tie or take the lead in the game but it was not to be. On a 4th & 1 at Seattle’s 17 yard line the Dolphins elected to try for a 1st down rather then kick a field to tie the game. It turned out to be the wrong choice when the Seahawks defense stop them.

The next drive for both teams ended up in punts. The forth drive for Seattle ended up with Russell Wilson throwing an interception that gave the Dolphins good field position. Ryan Tanneball came back out and took the Dolphin down the field where they were able to get a game tying field goal.

The next few drives for both teams were filled with penalties, incompletions, and some sloopy playing. In the final 2 minutes of the game Seattle finally put together a good drive that ended in a field goal for a 6-3 halftime lead.

The second half of the game starts with a kickoff by Steven Hauscha and a return out to the 41 yard line of Miami. The Seahawks defense once again held Miami to a 3 & out. After a punt the Seahawks started their drive at their own 19 yard line. The drive seemed to be going well as the Seahawks gained two 1st dawns.

On the next play the entire crowd and Seattle’s bench all gasped in horror as Russell Wilson was sacked and his ankle was stepped on by Miami’s Ndamukong Suh. Mr. Wilson’s foot twisted and when he was able to get to his feet it was obvious he was in some pain. Instead of leaving the field he decided to continue the drive. When he attempted his next pass it was obvious that the injury was hampering his play. The pass was incomplete and forced another punt.

Sloppy play and penalties for the rest of the third quarter and most of the forth quarter. At just over halfway through the forth quarter the Dolphins put together a good drive and march down to score a touchdown for a 10-6 lead.

With just over 4 minutes left in game Russell Wilson showed that even banged up he was the comeback kid. The drive didn’t always look good but with each play Mr. Wilson seemed to be getting better. After a few plays Seattle was faced with a 4th & 4 that threatened to kill the comeback. After a timeout Russell Wilson completed a pass to Doug Baldwin for a 1st down. With just just over 2 minutes in the game the Seahawks continued their march to score the go ahead touchdown. Steven Hauscha missed the extra point so it was 12-10 Seahawks.

With 31 seconds left in the game the Dolphins took the field. They were determined to go down the field to kick the winning field goal. It was not to be as an incomplete pass and two sacks ended the game. Seattle survived to get a narrow victory at home.


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