Top 10 best Elle King songs

11 Jul

Tanner Elle Schneider, aka Elle King, was born on July 3, 1989 in Los Angeles, California to comedian Rob Schneider and model London King. Not long after her birth her parents divorced and she was raised by her mother and 2nd husband Justin Tesa. By the age of 9-years-old she knew that she wanted to be a musician after listening to a record of the all-girl band the Donnas. The following year she had her first acting experience when she had a small part in dads’ movie “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”. By the age of 13-years-old she was learning to play both guitar and banjo by studying the techniques of some of the biggest artist in rock, blues, and country music. Around the same time she started going to Buck’s Rock Camp in Philadelphia where she would hone her craft, star in musicals, and meet other musicians.

In 2011 Elle King signed her first recording contract with RCA. In March of the following year she recorded her first single and was on her way as a singer/songwriter. Since that time her career has been on the fast track to stardom with several movie and television soundtracks on her resume. This year she will be one of the artist featured on the soundtrack of the reboot of the movie “Ghostbusters”.

  1. Where the Devil Don’t Go”: Co-written by Ms. King for her 2015 album “Love Stuff” it is a rather dark sound about living such a wicked life that even the Devil won’t go where you have been. Ms. King shines in this quick-paced song.
  1. I Told You I Was Mean”: Ms. King gives the song a folk rock feel with a slow rhythm. Written by Ms. King for her “Love Stuff” album it speaks about having a love ’em and leave ’em attitude that has her latest boyfriend in tears.
  1. Kocaine Karolina”: Ms. King gives the song a country feel with her banjo playing. Another song co-written by Ms. King for her “Love Stuff” album.
  1. Under the Influence”: Another song co-written by Ms. King for her “Love Stuff” album. It shows how well Ms. King can project a range of emotion through her voice in this song that compares longing for a loved one to waking up after being under the influence of alcohol.
  1. Catch Us If You Can”: One of the two songs that Ms. King did for the soundtrack of the 2015 movie “Hot Pursuit”. Ms. King really rocks in this song about running from a corrupt system.
  1. America’s Sweetheart”: Jump on your feet and rock out to the sounds of Ms. King as she gives a powerful performance in this song about being the person you are and not trying to live up to what others want you to be. Yet another song co-written by Ms. King for her “Love Stuff” album.
  1. Playing for Keeps”: Ms. King gives a strong performance in this song about giving up everything to gain fame only to be left with an empty feeling. In 2013 this was on the soundtrack for the television show “Enie Backt”.
  1. American Girl”: Ms. King does a superb job of taking this Tom Petty & Heartbreaker song and making it her own. It talks of a girl raised in a sheltered life and told promise of how life is suppose to be only to find a complete different world.
  1. Last Damn Night”: Ms. King can certainly belt out a tune as she gives powerful performance in this song about living life to its fullest. Yet another song she co-wrote for her 2015 album “Love Stuff”.
  1. Ex’s and Oh’s”: Written by Ms. King for her 2015 album “Love Stuff” this song was also on the soundtrack for the television show “The Mysteries of Laura”. Ms. Kings draws from her own life talking about how several of her past boyfriends keep show up trying to re-kindle the relationship. This has been Ms. King’s most successful song to date and earned her two Grammy nominations.

Top 10 Tennessee Ernie Ford songs

5 Jul

Ernest Jennings Ford was born on Feb 13, 1919 in Bristol, Tennessee. He had a fairly typical childhood and sang in the local church choir. As he grew up he knew that his voice would be an important part of his future. So, after he enrolled at the Virginia Intermount College, a women’s college but enrolled a few men, where he studied voice. After graduating his teacher and her husband help him get work as radio announcer. Over the next couple of year Mr. Ford had a nice career going in radio but that career was about to be temporary halted. Just like many young men when America was drawn into World War II Mr. Ford enlisted. Once he enlisted he was accepted into the Army Air Corp and was sent to bombardier school along with entertaining the troops. Later in the war he flew a few missions as a bombardier over Japan. After the war he was able to resume his career in radio and even became host of a country music show where he created the persona of “Tennessee Ernie” Ford.

In 1949 Mr. Ford signed his first contract with Capitol Records that catapulted him into a career as a singer, songwriter, and television personality that last or over 3 decades. During his amazing career Mr. Ford had dozens of albums in the country, gospel, and pop genres, hosted his own variety show, an appeared on some of the biggest shows of the 1960s. He was honored with three stars on Hollywood walk of fame in music, television, and radio. In 1984 Mr. Ford was award the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Toward the end of his life Mr. Ford was inducted into the country music hall of fame and then after his death he was inducted into the gospel music hall of fame.

  1. The Ballad of Davy Crockett”: In 1956 Mr. Ford did his own version of “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” that peaked at number 4 on the country charts. His rich baritone voice makes the song about one of Americas’ frontier heros come to life.
  1. Milk Em’ in the Morning Blues”: This is the song that started Mr. Ford on his way to stardom. His Tennessee Ernie personality really shines though in this song that gives a humorous version of life on a dairy farm.
  1. John Henry”: The sounds of a hammer clanking on steel an Mr. Fords deep baritone voice make this a fun song to listen to. It tells the story of a legendary figure repreenting the hard working people that built our railroads.
  1. Anticipation Blues”: A swinging lighthearted song about a man who is about to become a father for the first time. It peaked at number 3 on the country charts in 1949.
  1. Shotgun Boogie”: Put on your hunting gear and grab your shotgun as we head out hunting with Tennessee Ernie Ford as we listen to this fun song. It was a number 1 hit on the country charts for Mr. Ford in 1950.
  1. Mister and Mississippi”: Mr. Ford bring to life this snappy little tune about growing up and wandering up and down the Mississippi River. In 1951 it peaked at number 2 on the country charts.
  1. The Strange Little Girl”: Mr. Ford shows great range in this song about a mysterious girl that shows up to soothe hurt feeling. As you listen to the song you can almost feel yourself being paced in the song and being in the presence of the strange little girl.
  1. You’re My Sugar”: It is time to jump up and do the jive to this fast-paced song by Mr. Ford and Kay Starr. The words of the song give a humorous look at a couple that love each other but don’t always get along.
  1. What a Friend We have in Jesus”: No Tennessee Ernie Ford collection would be complete without some of the gospel music he recorded during his career. Mr. Fords’ deep, booming voice reaches right out and grabs your soul as you listen to this stirring version of this gospel favorite.
  1. Sixteen Tons”: One of the biggest hits of Mr. Fords’ career and the first song most people think of when they hear the name Tennessee Ernie Ford. The song speaks of the lament of the hard working coal miners. It was a number 1 hit on the country charts in 1955.

What is the future of artificial intelligence?

1 Jul

Recently the debate over the future of A.I. (artificial intelligence) has become forefront in the news. Earlier the week Stephen Hawking gave an interview to Larry King and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wrote an article voicing their opinions on the current state and future of A.I. They both see it development at a crossroads and talk about so of the things we should consider for future development.

Mr. Nadella seemed to have a little bit more of an optimistic view of the current state of A.I as he talks about some of Microsoft’s contributions and I.B.M’s Watson. As optimistic as he is he does write in his article about 6 rules that A.I must have and 4 rules that Humans must have when dealing with these creations. By following these 10 rules Mr. Naydella sees a future where Man and machine can have a symbiotic relationship that can benefit all of us.

I would argue that perhaps the most productive debate we can have isn’t one of good versus evil: The debate should be about the values instilled in the people and institutions creating this technology. In his book Machines of Loving Grace, John Markoff writes, “The best way to answer the hard questions about control in a world full of smart machines is by understanding the values of those who are actually building these systems.” It’s an intriguing question, and one that our industry must discuss and answer together,” Mr. Naydella wrote in his article.

In the past there have been several opinions on what the future of A.I. Some of these have been grim while others have seen a more harmonious future. Some of the more grim futures that have been foreseen are “The Matrix”, where artificial intelligence takes over and turns mankind into the computer to generate a virtual world for us to live-in or “The Terminator”, where the machine we built are set on wiping out humanity. Among the ore harmonious outlooks Data on “Star Trek”, that works along side the crew of the Enterprise and strives to be more human.

The top 10 Dianne Reeves songs

29 Jun

Being born; on Oct 23, 1956; into a musical family Dianne Reeves knew that her future would be in the music industry. As she grew up she embraced that future and started singing when she was in junior high where her teacher realized what an incredible talent she was an encouraged her to continue on that path. When she went on to high-school she stuck with her music and joined the choir, a madrigal group, and the jazz band. In her senior year the jazz band won a local competition and they went on to Chicago where the band played at the National Association of Jazz Educators Convention. After graduating she went on to study music at the University of Colorado.

In 1983 Ms. Reeves started a professional career that has lasted for over 30 years and still going strong. That first couple of years she went on tour with the great Harry Belafonte as the lead singer in his band. In 1986 she left his band to focus on a solo career where she has garnered 5 Grammy awards. In the Winter of 2002 Ms. Reeves had the honor of singing at the closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games. A couple of years later she appeared in the movie “Good night, and Good Luck” where she played a jazz singer and also contributed to the soundtrack.

  1. Nine”: This beautiful song about being 9-years-old appeared on Ms. Reeves 1994 album “Quiet After The Storm”. Ms. Reeves crisp vocals make this a magnificent song that should be on the playlist of any Dianne Reeves fan.
  1. Lullaby of Birdland”: Ms. Reeves really shows her ability to sing scat in this sweet tune about being in love. This is one of the track off of her award winning 2001 album “The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan”.

  1. At Last”: Ms. Reeves teams up with the legendary Lou Rawls in this rendition of the jazz classic. The song talks about finding that one person that makes your heart sing. You will want to hold the person of your dreams in your arms as you listen to the song.

  1. Afro Blue”: You will want to grab your loved one, get out on the dance floor, and let loose to this song about lovers. Ms. Reeves shows a wide range of talent and makes the song come to life.

  1. Better Days”: The power and strength of Ms. Reeves voices come through in this deeply emotional song about the wisdom of our elders. A great song to have in your collection that you can pull out and listen.

  1. Speak Low”: Ms. Reeves does a magnificent job in this romantic song about love. Another track from her award winning 2001 album “The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan”. A good song to keep around for slow dancing with your loved one.

  1. I Remember Sky”: As you listen to Ms. Reeves sing you almost picture yourself laying in a field gazing into a blue sky. One of the magnificent tracks of her 1991 album “I Remember”.

  1. Endangered Species”: A powerful song about a strong woman that knows where her strength lies and isn’t going to let anything keep her down. A song that should be at the top of your playlist that you can listen to when you need a boost in your life.

  1. Dreams”: Whether you are a rock or jazz fan you will love of this sensational rendition of the 1977 Fleetwood Mac song. Ms. Reeves sings her heart out this song about giving advise to a young man to change his ways or all he will have are dreams of what could have been.

  1. Tango”: Grab your love one and dance the tango to the lovely sound of Ms. Reeves. There are not many words to this song but Ms. Reeves does great at using her voice as she be-bops her way through the music.

Top 10 Christina Milian songs

20 Jun

Christina Milian, born Christine Flores, has spent most of her life in the entertainment business. By the time she was 4-years-old she was showing talent and let her parents now that she wanted to be an actress. By the age of 9 she was auditioning or talent agencies around her Maryland home. Soon. those agencies started to take notice and she was on her way of getting work in commercials and a big part in a stage musical. After 4 years her mother knew that the next step in her daughter’s career would be a move to Los Angeles, California.

Two years after the move to Los Angles her career exploded. Over the next 20 years Ms. Milian has racked up more than 40 television & movie acting credits and a thriving music career. Over the course of her incredible career she has been nominated for more than a dozen awards & won and won 4 of them including an Emmy for her work as the social media coordinator on “The Voice” in 2013.

  1. L.O.V.E”: A joyful little tune from her second album that will have dancing with joy as your with your loved one. The song speaks of something too many of us are guilty of doing when we hurt the one we love and then try to win back their affections.
  1. Like Me”: Christina Milian and Snoop Dogg team up on this song about giving your love to someone that doesn’t return your affections. It has a finger-snapping techno beat that will have you moving and grooving.
  1. Believer”: With a haunting melody and Christina Milian’s beautiful soprano voice this will be close to the top of any playlist. In the words of the song Ms. Milian sings about how following our life dreams are never easy but we need to believe in ourselves.
  1. AM to PM”: A fastpaced song with a techno-pop beat that will have you on your feet as you party until you drop. It was the song that launched Ms. Milian’s inging career in 2001 when it peaked at number 13 on the U.S dance charts and number 3 in England.
  1. Dip it Low”: Off of Ms. Milian’s second album in 2004 it peaked at number 1 on the U.S dance charts and number 2 in England. It is a sweet romantic song that tells women to take your time before jumping into a relation and then if it is right give it all you have.
  1. Say I”: In 2005 this song peak at number 4 on both the U.S dance charts and in England. As Ms. Milian talks about in the song there are times you just have to let the gangssta side out and go after what you want out of life.
  1. We Ain’t Worried”: A powerful rap where Ms. Milian is telling her best friend not to dwell on the drama of her breakup and figure out you will go from here. It came out as a single in 2015 but before that it was just a simple tweet by Ms. Milian after her best friend went through a bad breakup.
  1. When You Look at Me”: Ms. Milian co-wrote this song that speaks of how when people look at you they already have you pigeon-holed into a category. It didn’t get a good reception in the United State but made Christina Milian an international star when it charted in the top 10 in Ireland, Germany, England, and Australia.
  1. Someday One Day”: A mature and sweet song dealing with the heartache of looking for love that always seem to be beyond your grasp. A song that you want on your playlist to listen to either when you are alone or with your loved one to let them know how much they mean to you.
  1. Ain’t No Reason”: It is a powerful song with attitude from the 2005 “Be Cool” sound track. A good song to have on your playlist when you are feelin down and need a little boot to get back up.

Review: Bad Vibrtions

19 Jun

Bad Vibration” by Christine Pope is a fanciful paranormal fantasy that is part X-Files, part Long Island Medium, and part Men in Back. The story starts a little slow but soon escalates into a thrill ride that will keep you riveted to find out what will happen next.

In this first book of the Sedona Files we first meet psychic Persephone O’Brien. As the story starts she appears to be a typical psychic with a normal reading business. That is until a new client shows up with a story that will soon turn her life upside-down. Soon she meets Dr. Paul Oliver and the two of them take us on a wild ride as they try to stay one step ahead of government & alien forces.

The characters are wonderful, the dialog is believable, and the plot of the story will fire the imagination. Whether you believe in aliens, conspiracies, or just a good paranormal story you will love this book.

The top 10 best Tamar Braxton songs

15 Jun

Tamar Estine Braxton arrived in the world on March 17,1977. She grew up in a family steeped in religion and music. At a young age she started sing with her siblings in the church choir where their dad, Michael, was the pastor. By the time she was 13 Tamar and her 4 sisters; Trina, Toni, Traci, and Towanda; were about to get their first taste of the professional side of music when Arista Records came calling. The 5 Braxton sisters signed but due to the lack of success they were dropped from the record label after a year. Over the next few years Tamar would spend some time as a back-up singer but that was soon about to change.

In the mid 1990s Tamar and 3 of her sisters signed with Atlantic Records. Since that time Tamar has had a great career as singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. In 2000 she embarked on a solo career that has seen her nominate for over a dozen awards and winning 4. In 2011-12 Tamar tried her hand with her first reality show “Braxton Family Values” that ran for 12 episodes. In 2015 she became a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” and did well. Medical reasons would force her to leave the show and end up taking fifth place.

  1. The One”: Tamar is sweet, playful, and charming in the video of this song dedicated to her second husband Vincent Herbert. It has a great lively beat that will reach to the core of your being and have you moving & groovy out on the dance floor.
  1. Angels & Demons”: From her 2015 “Calling All Lovers” album comes the beautiful song about letting down your walls and taking a chance on love. There is a tropical sound that puts you in a romantic mood.
  1. Sound of Love”: Ms. Braxton co-wrote this song that speaks of that one special love that can make us feel the way no-one else can. The combination of Ms. Braxton’s voice, the attitude from the stomp beat, and the little quirky sound make for a song you will want to have in your collection.
  1. If You don’t wanna Love Me”: This is the song that launch Ms. Braxton on her solo career when it hit number 30 on Billbord’s hot R&B/Hip-hop chart in 2000. When listening to the song you can really hear the hurt & pain that comes with finding out the person you love does not care about you.
  1. Try Me”: A lovely gospel song about having faith in the one that will be there and give you strength to see you through hard times. The music has calming effect and Ms. Braxton’s voice has that soft quality that you feel warm & safe much like a parent holding their child and singing a lullaby.
  1. No Disrespect”: Ms. Braxton teams up with Missy Elliott to use music to speak about how women should be treated. The melody has a little attitude but is also sensual enough to make you want to hear it again.
  1. Hot Sugar”: Ms. Braxton shows us a different side of her as she raps her way through this fast paced song. The song is a great one to listen on those nights that you and your loved one are feeling in the mood.
  1. All the Way Home”: Tamar once again delivers a good griping song that has a message for all of us who have ever had an argument in our relationships. This time it is that we should take our time and think about giving it one more try before giving up.
  1. Your Room”: It is time to hold your sweetheart close as you sway to the beat of this song bout intimacy. The song has a slow, sensual melody it that makes it a great song for when you are with your loved one and want to let them know how you feel.
  1. She Can Have You”: You can hear the emotion in Ms. Braxton’s voice as she sings this sad song about finding the one you love is unfaithful and you left alone during the holidays. A song that tugs at your heartstrings when you need something to listen to when your down.

The 10 best George Ezra songs

12 Jun

Growing up in Hartford, Hertfortshire, England in the 1990’s George Ezra had he sights set on following in his parents’ footsteps and go into the teaching profession. At the age of 13, in 2006, that all changed when he picked up his first bass guitar and started to play. He joined with some of his other friends and they start playing and writing songs after school. After playing for a few months his friends start losing interest in music but George was hooked.

He kept playing and in 2011 moved to Bristol, England where he studied at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute. It was at that time he was exposed to the music of American 1960’s Folk, Country, and Blues that would shape his career. After graduating from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, George Ezra signed a contract with Columbia Records. He had just turned 19 and was about to launch what would become an award winning career as singer/songwriter.

  1. Breakaway”: With his big voice and Folk music influences one can get the feeling of being in a nightclub back in the 1960’s and listening to Bob Dylan. The lyrics of the song speaks of something that happens too often in the world of women getting into a bad relationship.
  1. Barcelona”: A romantic beat to the song make it one that you will want to have in your collection to listen to over and over. A song that make you dream about being in some faraway place with the one you love.
  1. Benjamin Twine”: Sit back and sway to the music folksy tune of friendship and love. Not only should fans of George Ezra have this song in their collection but those that love the old Folk music of the 1960’s will enjoy it.
  1. Coat of Armor”: A wonderful song about an older brother being a protector for his younger brother and trying to help him through tough times. With his deep, mature voice and the slow rhythm of the song make it a good soothing song to listen to when you are feeling in need of comforting.
  1. Cassy O’”: To those of us in the over 50 crowd will recognize the influences of early Rock musicians such as Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. The lyrics talk of something many of us can relate to when we find ourselves needing to change our ways to get ahead.
  1. Stand by your Gun”: A festive beat will have you on your feet moving the sound. The words of the song a parent, probably the father, that is paying for their mistakes and is giving advise to a child to think about the consequence before you make the same mistakes.
  1. Did You hear the Rain?”: George Ezra’s deep, rich voice and his fast guitar playing will make this blues song a favorite that you will want to hear over and over. The words to song talk about how we all have a good and a bad side to us and sometimes we have a hard struggle to keep our demons from getting out.
  1. Leaving it up to You”: A song that deals with choices in our lives. Once again Mr. Ezra gives us a song that deserves a spot in any music collection.
  1. Blind man in Amsterdam”: His roots in studying early folk music really shows in this moving song about meeting a blind man in Amsterdam and listening to his story. A song we will have us thinking about how everyone out on the street has their own story.
  1. It’s just my Skin”: A somewhat sad song about how many of us hide and put up a front for others to see. A must have song for any George Ezra fan.

The 10 best Gene Watson songs

6 Jun

Every since he was born in Palestine, Texas in 1943, Gene Watson was destined to go into the music business. Not long after he was born his father moved the family to Paris, Texas were the family lived in a converted school bus. They would drift from place to place as their dad went from job to job but no matter how bad things were there was also music. In an interview Mr. Watson once talked about the musical influence his family had in his life, I can remember singing as far back as I can remember talking. Singing was something that was not out of the ordinary for me. It wasn’t unique. My whole family sang.”

In his teen years Mr. Watson had an experience that made him turn away from the music business. When he was 16 a shady promoter approached him and his younger brother. The promoter booked the pair for the a singing performance. By the time the two were done with the performance and went to get paid it had turned out the promoter had skipped town with the proceeds. After that Mr. Watson put more focus in working in the automotive industry were he became a body mechanic. He never did get the music bug totally out of his system and continued playing nightclubs but with only minimal success.

In 1974 that all changed when Mr. Watson signed with Capitol Records were the follow year he released his first big hit. From that day on Mr. Watson has enjoyed a career that still has him touring to this day. The most successful years of his career came in the 1970’s and 1980’s when he had a large string of top 40 hits. In the later years the hits came far and few between but he still remains a fans favorite. The following list are just a sample of some of his hits:

  1. The Note: The slow melody, the longing in Mr. Watson’s voice, and if listen close the sound of a heartbeat make this a powerful song about lost love. A good song for any Gene Watson fan to have on their play-list.
  1. Love in the Hot Afternoon”: Mr. Watson’s first big hit with Capitol Records it peaked at number 3 on the country charts. Like all great country song this one tells a story of love.
  1. Rollin Home”: A song about the longing to get back to the woman you haven’t seen for a long time while you were on the road. The bouncy tempo of the song can easily give the listener the picture of someone driving on the road.
  1. Fourteen Carat Mind”: In 1981 it spent 15 on the country charts peeking at number 1. The song speaks of a man trying to buy the love of a women only to find her taste are too expensive for him.
  1. Old Man and His Horn”: A loving tribute to the late great Charlie Parker. The song has some strong emotion that can touch your very soul as you listen to it.
  1. You gave Me a Mountain”: A wonderful Spiritual song about a man that overcome many obstacles in his life but is afraid the current one may just be too much. Marty Robbins wrote the song in the 1960’s and since then it has been covered by several artist.
  1. Before the Hammer Could Ring”: A strong and powerful Gospel song about the Crucifixion of Christ. A must have for any fan of Gene Watson or Gospel music.
  1. Old Porch Swing”: Mr. Watson smooth voice makes this a lovely ballad that would be a good addition to any collection of country music. The song speaks about how porch swings use to be the focal point of country living.
  1. Maybe I should have been Listening”: A song that deals with the heartache of losing love that you took for granted. Listening to the song you can hear the loneliness in Mr. Watson’s voice and the melancholic melody of the song make it one of those good hurting songs you will listen to over and over.

    1. “Paper Rosie” : The song soon became a fan favorite after its 1977 release. It peaked at number 3 on the country chart that year. It is a haunting ballad about a lady that sold paper


The 5 best pitchers in Seattle Mariners history

31 May

All baseball franchises want to put out a well rounded team that will take them to the next level. Most of the time to put out that team the first thing they look for is great pitching. Putting together a solid pitching staff can sometimes be a crap shoot. Drafting the best out the high-school and college ranks doesn’t always translate into a good professional players. Even signing a productive free agent doesn’t workout.

Sometimes, though, everything clicks and you wind up with a pitcher that can start, close, or both. In the history of the Seattle Mariners franchise they have had a few times where they picked that right pitcher. The following list has 5 of the best the team ever signed:

  • Randy Johnson: For 10 seasons this hall-of-fame pitcher graced the mound at both the Kingdome and Safeco field. While he was with the Mariners he was developing into one of the most dominate and feared pitchers during his 22 year career. In 1995 he pitched the Mariners into the playoffs and became the first Cy Young award winner in Mariners history.
  • Felix Hernandez: Many people would have him number 1 on the list and maybe he should be since he is still active. In his 12 years and counting with the Mariners, Mr. Hernandez has thrown the only perfect game in Mariners history. Among his accomplishments the one he is the most proud of is being the only pitcher in baseball that has hit a grand-slam.
  • Jamie Moyer: Mr. Moyer was known as a crafty left-hander for his dominance with below average speed. In his 11 years in Seattle he became the teams win leader with a 145-87 record that would stand until Felix Hernandez passed it this year.
  • Freddie Garcia: Mr. Garcia played his first 6 years in Seattle where he put up some impressive numbers. In 2001 Mr. Gracia had his best season winning 18 games an leading the Mariners to a record setting 116 win season. After being traded Mr. Gracia went on to become one of the winningest pitchers to come out of Venezuela.
  • Kazuhiro Sasaki: The Mariners signed Mr. Sasaki before the 2000 season. He only played here for 4 years before going back to his home in Japan. In those 4 years he was one of the most dominating closers in the American league. In 2001 Mr. Sasaki set a team record by racking up 45 saves. That record stood until Fernando Rodney broke it in 2014 when he had 48 saves.